PowerGain Technology, Inc.

Advanced Network Solutions Group

PowerGain Technology is home to the best and brightest minds in the mobility business. We strive to build the trust of customers and employees by treating them with respect and leading by example. We are young professional services company with rich experience working at leadership roles in Tier 1 and 2 operators. We bring together diverse strengths from multiple backgrounds for a shared objective: collaborating with our customers so that their subscribers have the best experiences. We pride ourselves on excellence across each discipline, enchanted by agile practices of working together as opportunities arise.

PowerGain Technology also brings the better of 2 worlds: IT & Telecommunications Industry leaders in developing enterprise level IT architecture and network operational tools. SMEs’ with deep working expertise on Operational challenges with deployment strategy to manage national rollout. We have a wide range of experience with all major Tier1 operators & OEMs (Samsung, ALU and Ericsson).

Avinash brings extensive experience as a telecommunications and technology expert to PowerGain Tech. He serves as Chief Architect and the President at PowerGain Technology since 2010. Avinash has over 17 years of experience in Technology Management, Ecosystem Development, end-to-end delivery of mobile services, performance management, telecom analytics, and network planning. He is well versed in managing large cross-functional teams, market research and project planning and vendor management.
Often described as accomplished team leader who has the skills to provide business-driven technical solutions and synergizing cross-functional teams for accelerated delivery of key projects. Proven achiever he has used the philosophy of not only attaining excellence at the work that you but also at customer service. He firmly believes that many companies can provide services but providing world class services along-with world class customer services comes only with dedication and passion for the field. He is diligently working towards the goals of the company and its clients.
Kim brings with her a deep and experiences understanding of the wireless marketplace and technologies from Wi-Fi to LTE. She has dedicated engineering experience ranging from working on CDMA1XRTT, 1X EVDO, 4G network planning, Frequency Planning, cell planning. She was one of the early pioneers establishing 4G/WiMAX as a viable technology during its infancy stages. Her extensive experience in both International and Domestic markets combined with her technical grounding in the RF and networking issues associated with wireless systems, gives him a solid overall perspective on the wireless domain.
Adding to this, is her knowledge of Antennas & antenna design techniques including MIMO and his ability to translate complex technical abilities into business value, he is able to establish strategic technology direction, key partnerships and define product roadmaps with clear vision and efficient execution. Most recently she has been a contributing technology consultant to a variety of wireless communications clients like Sprint, Cingular, AT&T and clear wire.
John is an expert in the domain of Radio Frequency Engineering, Base Station Subsystem Capacity/Budgetary Planning and BSC migration. Bringing to our clients the knowledge that he gained while working for major wireless carriers like Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless. He also gained expertise on project deliverables for major vendors’ like Ericsson, Huawei. Proficient with LTE, cdma2000, UMTS, GSM and Wifi wireless technologies, knowledge of 3GPP & 3GPP2 standards and an extensive experience using tools like Atoll, Mapinfo, 3G Actix Spotlight, Actix Analyzer, Asset 3G, Planet EV, Ericsson TEMS, 3G Wind Catcher, Agilent E674A-X, X-TEL, OMC, CPT, Opt PCS, Insite, XPM, Homer.